The Making of "Second Impressions"

The Holy Book

So far I’ve been in Pre-Production for a week and am already feeling like I’m falling behind. I’ve been going through a lot of Humans of New York posts trying to figure out which questions to ask on my interviews and came to the sudden realization that I have no clue how to create a screenplay for this. 

That’s making me feel pretty incompetent and in times like these I turn to the Bible. No— not that Bible, this Bible… *drum roll*…

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook 4th Edition by Sonja Schenk and Ben Long *cue fireworks*

It might as well have been written by the gods because every single question I have about this is answered in this book. I flip it open to the screenwriting section to find a chapter written titled, “Writing for ‘Unscripted’”. Hallelujah. From reading this chapter I learned that my documentary is something called an, “inductive documentary” in which the shooting and editing is my writing process. It says I need to “keep an open mind and not have any preconceived notions about your subject, lest you blind yourself from good footage” which is eerily similar to the thesis of my documentary…so that’s a relief! And get this! This book actually gives me an assignment to check out a film called Catfish to see a good example of an inductive documentary. Can I getta amen?